Everyday Arts for Special Education (EASE) is an arts integrated program designed to strengthen student academic and behavioral IEP goals through social emotional learning, culturally responsive pedagogy, and inclusive and differentiated instruction. EASE provides educators with research-based curriculum, strategies, professional development workshops, and coaching to support their instructional practices for students with diverse learning and behavioral needs.


Students who received EASE performed significantly higher on the NY State Alternate Assessment Reading test compared to their peers who did not receive EASE*.

*Preliminary results from 2014-15 School Year Data, i3 Research Study (2010-15) and 2015 School Year Data, PDAE Research Study (2014-2018)

84% of students mastered communication goals indicated in their IEP*

75% of students demonstrated increased motivation, attention span, self-confidence and positive risk-taking.*

80% of students mastered socialization goals indicated in their IEP*

75% of students improved their selected academic goals indicated on their IEP*

EASEL provides access to resources from the EASE program including training courses, videos, curriculum hand outs, music, and other materials that can be used in the classroom. Through EASEL you can also connect and collaborate with a dynamic community of educators who have participated in our Professional Development and are implementing EASE across their curriculum.