Click on any activity below to see some fun videos of how you can try EASE on your own at home!

Turn any room into a stage and work together to “perform” anything – from simple descriptive sentences to whole storybooks!

Experience the sensory delight of making beanbags that can then be used for all kinds of games (see below for activities).

Use your beanbags for games – balance them, toss them, even answer quiz questions with them!

Tap into your creativity with this brainstorming activity designed to embrace and encourage every idea – even the wackiest!

This activity uses our phones/iPads to encourage creative ideas and academic learning. Become a photographer, go on a scavenger hunt, or practice describing what you document!

Structure your day and make transitions EASE-ier with fun, simple rituals.

Need to get energized – or get your energy out? Try our fun and silly dance ritual. Maybe take turns inventing your own dance moves!

Use our simple beats to make routines, instructions, and academic practice more fun through songs, raps, or chants. The rhythms are calming, whether or not you stay on the beat!

Build fine motor skills, work out stress, and flex your imagination as you twist, fold, ball, and shape foil to create all kinds of objects

Become a sculptor and create a piece of 3D art while exploring shape, size, balance, and weight – and how to recycle!

With a few adjustments, you can get hours of fun and learning out of this classic game.

In this music-inspired activity, you “compose” music and take turns “conducting” while practicing key reading and writing concepts.

Make your own homemade instruments out of everyday recyclable objects – bottles, cans, and plastic containers.

Try using your own homemade instruments to make different sounds and have a conversation with a friend…or even by yourself!

Create beautiful, personalized wands that can be fun to play with, dance with, or just wave around!

Create a beautiful and personalized mural that encourages partnering and turn-taking and can later be used as a game-board for all kinds of “matching” activities.

A fun game the encourages noticing all the different things you can see around you – in your home and even outside your window!

This simple activity encourages imagination and exploration while soothing both kids and adults. Hold “painted” paper up to a light to create a magical moment!

This flexible theater-based game can be used for all kinds of learning: social-emotional skills (like sharing and waiting your turn), and academic skills (like categories, lists, and sequences).

Get energized and play pretend with this simple physical game.

This activity combines visual art and theater by having individuals or groups work together to recreate photographs in real life.

Use ribbon wands to inspire physical activity or practice directions, words, and matching. Or just play!